Blue and Yellow Valentines

What do you do when your class Valentines

need to be ready by quarter to nine,

and the paper you have is yellow and blue

and the marker you find is a sickly green hue?

Do you cry, do you frown, do you let out a groan?

Do you HOPE the party’s cancelled, and everyone stays home?


Do you make heart-shaped cookies and HOPE they’re ok?

That’s a plan. But you best not delay.

It will take a full hour.

Do you have the right pan?

Lots of sugar and flour,

pretty sprinkles and butter?

And a heart cookie cutter?

There, there, it’s alright.

There’s no reason to mutter.

That would be a big job and make lots of clutter.

Don’t panic. Don’t freak. Yes, the outlook is bleak.

Go back to Plan A. (It’s the thought, as they say.)

Bring out those scissors and snip, snip away.

Yellow and blue hearts are better than none.

You’ve got this. They’re fine — a bit different and fun.

Now add a message, and then you’ll be done.

What if you say,

“Happy Valentine’s Day.

A red heart is fine. But I HOPE you like mine.

It’s yellow and blue, made specially for you.”

(WHEW!!! That was tough. I have had quite enough.)

211 words


Fright Night

Monster lurks, among the shadows, waiting to grab a bag of treats.

Children scamper, unaware, gathering tons of tasty sweets.

Out of the dark comes a might growl, as monster snatches one large sack —

his Mars Bars – KitKat – candy corn snack!

Before he gobbles a single bite, a small voice asks, oh so polite,

“May I have one candy corn please?”

Big monster stares, turns white, and flees, as mouse nibbles treats, perplexed and surprised, that suddenly he’s the one holding the prize!


What’s For Breakfast?

I’ll have purple eggs with jam

Said the hungry little clam.

No purple eggs today, madam.

Would you care for orange or tan?

Sorry, no, sighed clam and swam

Off to hunt for purple yams.

Purple eggs? Purple yams?!

Perfect food for purple clams.

PS. Don’t forget some jam.

Winnie’s Spell

Making pumpkin stew

It seems the thing to do.

She waves her broomstick

Casts her spell.

Her teacher Midge has taught her well.

But oh, what’s wrong?

The pot is boiling way too strong.

Creak and groan and foam and bubble,

Her Hallloween stew is in deep trouble.

It spews out, making a giant mess —

seaweed and pickles and watercress.

“I’ve changed my mind. Who wants to cook?

I guess I should have used a book.

Let’s just have doughnuts and apple cider,”

says witch Winnie to her pet spider.