Witch Trick? Or Treat?

(Entry for Halloweensie contest 2018:   95 words)

The black CAULDRON bubbled with sticky brown goo.

Witch stirred, as she called to her skeleton crew.

“Gather the children. Bring them to me.”

She cackled, “Hee-heeee. The pot, she be ready.

So don’t let them flee.”

The poor children SHIVERED in their costumed best.

The wind HOWLED, but above it, they heard witch suggest,

“Bob for apples, my pretties. Don’t be shy. Bob for two.

Now jab in those sticks and swirl twice in this goo.

Take a lick…. Is it tasty? Ah, sticky and sweet.

Caramel apples, my favorite Halloween treat.”


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