LIMERICKS for Mix ‘n Match Challenge 2020

The Mix ‘n Match Mini Writing Challenge 2020

* A limerick a week is my goal 🙂 *

Week #1 (using the words ‘knight’ and ‘jubilant’)

There once was a knight brave and strong,
Who lived for the chance to right wrongs.
Foiling dastardly deeds,
Helping folks most in need,
Made her jubilant all the day long!

Week #2  (Old King Cole nursery rhyme from fiddler’s POV)

Every day old king Cole has us fiddle.
What he’d do if we stop is a riddle.
But we can’t go much longer,
Till our bow arms get stronger.
We need backup. Calling Hey Diddle Diddle!

Week #3 ( Delphine, make a friend )

There once was a chick named Delphine,
who longed to be out and be seen.
She needed a windup,
which she got from a kind pup.
Now their walks are a daily routine.

Week #4 (Cinderella, wild west)

Cinderella gave her slippers away.
She would rather wear boots any day.
Her sisters got the prince,
which delighted her since
she now runs the ranch her own way!

Week #5 (How to Catch A Fish)

There once was a girl with a wish,
To catch a bright rainbow-striped fish.
With no worms, lines, or hooks,
She just read it some books.
Caught it, kissed it, swam beside it — splish, splash, swish!

Week #6 (foods that are square )

I only eat peas that are square.
They’re a treat that’s exceedingly rare.
Keep your eyes open wide
for the ones with four sides.
Plain old round guys in no way compare.

Week #7 (can be any character who has or meets someone with a superpower and includes an object from the list provided)

There was a wee lad from Nebraska,
who ran at top speed to Kalkaska.
Eating five s’mores for power,
he arrived in an hour.
Then ran on, just for fun, to Alaska.

Super Ant loved a grand picnic spread.
He hauled cheese, chips, bologna, and bread.
Depositing the loot,
he went back for some fruit.
His whole army of ants stayed well fed!

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