by Marty Bellis
wc 120; inspired by image #1

Goodbye to picnics in the park.

Goodbye to fireworks after dark.

Goodbye to daisies, clover, bees,

robins, sprinklers, climbing trees.

So long flip flops, swimsuits, shorts,

baseball caps and summer sports;

Fresh picked corn, ripe berries, honey;

melons ripened while it’s sunny.

Say goodbye, then say hello . . .

Hello to walks in frosty air.

Hello to pumpkins carved with care.

Hello to leaf piles, apples, cider,

costumes, treat bags, ghosts and spiders.

Hi to cozy quilts on beds,

wooly mittens, hats on heads.

Soup in bowls; warm drinks in mugs,

ladled out with extra hugs.

Each season comes when the time is right,

as sure as day turns into night.

So say goodbye, then say hello . . .

. . . to nature’s ever-changing show.

6 thoughts on “GOODBYE, HELLO

  1. Reading your poem is like flipping through a photo album or scrapbook with a loved one, at once reflecting on good memories, remembering losses, and looking forward to days and holidays to come. I love the cataloging and specific details. I would love to see you work such beautiful details into imagery and figurative speech in future poems where a restrictive word count is not such a tight constraint. @AnneLipton

    • Thank you, @AnneLipton, for your lovely comment! It’s always great to hear what resonated with someone else. I’ve thought of expanding this to include the other seasons as well. Stay tuned 🙂

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