This is my entry for Susanna Hill’s 10th Annual Holiday Contest.

by Marty Bellis
250 words

Little dust bunny watched from his corner as the Gray family bustled about, preparing for Christmas.

He saw them decorate their tiny tree with paper chains and a single string of lights.

He smelled the aroma of momma’s baking – a pan of gingerbread.

The children begged to taste it. But momma said they must wait. It was their one special Christmas treat.

He heard momma and papa talking after the children went to bed, worrying about the lack of presents and the disappointment it would bring.

Little dust bunny longed to help, but what could he do?

The next day, he watched the children make snowflakes to tape to the windows.

“I wish it would snow,” said the boy. “Snow makes everything sparkle.”

They gathered pinecones to fill a bowl for a centerpiece.

“I wish we had glitter for the pinecones,” said his sister. “Then they’d sparkle.”

They wrapped their gifts in brown paper decorated with crayon drawings.

“No sparkly ribbon,” the girl sighed.

That evening, the family gathered to sing carols, read Christmas stories.

Dust bunny thought it was the most magical evening ever.

Once everyone was in bed, he knew what he would do.

He had just one thing to give.

But he remembered his grandpa saying they came from a long line of illustrious stars and comets. Maybe it would be enough.

Whoosh, swoosh, swirl!

The Grays awoke to find stardust … glittering here, sparkling there, transforming everything.

“It’s magic,” said the children.

“Merry Christmas,” whispered dust bunny.