(my entry for Fall Frenzy 2021, based on picture #7 of a pumpkin stake next to a rural mailbox)

by Marty Bellis (116 wc)

Each day he sat and waited –
feeling the air cool,
hearing the leaves rustle,
whiffs of woodsmoke drifting by.
Each day he dared to hope,
as squirrels buried acorns,
asters shook their frilly heads,
and slant light tinged the sky.
At last . . .
. . . they came.
He felt his insides quiver
and a wide smile split his face.
Now he could see them —
giggling, dancing about,
clapping their hands in glee.
Night fell, moon hid, owls hooted,
but he felt a warm glow
flicker and grow, deep within.
His cheery face beamed,
a bright beacon, lighting the path,
greeting each trick or treater,
beckoning them closer,
with a toothy lopsided grin.
His dream job a reality – at last!

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